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The Grace Day Care provides developmentally appropriate activities within a Christian environment, and safe loving care while children are away from home and family. Children will learn about the world around them, to understand  themselves, and to trust others. They will be part of a suitable age group, yet still be individuals. Through such activities as music, games, art, language, play, listening, and by solving problems and making choices, children will be encouraged to find their own identity and personal worth, and to learn responsibility and self control.

Children are placed in classes by age. We do not offer before or after school, although we welcome children up to six years of age during the summer and school breaks when room is available.

The Grace Day Care has been licensed by the State of Indiana since its opening in the 1960’s.

Director: Mrs. Anne Hough  -- Phone 447-2204


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Grace United Methodist Church

A State Licensed Program -- Level 4 Provider -- Email Us -- Ages Infant to 6